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Paula Azevedo – Commissioner, Administrative Counsel for Economic Defense (CADE)

Commissioner Paula Azevedo of Brazil’s Administrative Counsel for Economic Defense (CADE), seized on PaRR’s 2019 Spring Video Series as an opportunity to advocate for the… Read More

Michal Cohen – Chief Legal Counsel, Israel Competition Authority

Michal Cohen, Chief Legal Counsel of Israel Competition Authority spoke defiantly when asked why the regulator joins the US DoJ as two of the only… Read More

Amabelle Asuncion – Commissioner, Philippine Competition Commission

In its 2019 Spring Video Series, PaRR’s reporters sat down with some of the top ascending minds tackling the most importance competition policy challenges around… Read More

Carolina Pardo, Antitrust Attorney at Baker McKenzie in Colombia

WASHINGTON – Competition law enforcement across Central and South America is on the rise, with Brazil, Mexico, and Chile taking the lead, especially in pre-merger… Read More

Joseph Tipograph, Washington DC Bureau Chief of PaRR Featured in U.S. News & World Report

In the U.S. News & World Report article, “Don’t Worry About the AT&T-Time Warner Appeal,” Joseph Tipograph, Washington DC Bureau Chief of PaRR, provides insightful… Read More

Anna Wu, Chairperson of Hong Kong’s Competition Commission

WASHINGTON – Building a competition bureau from the ground up requires many things, but enough capital to engage in lengthy litigation is essential, according to… Read More

Alejandra Palacios Prieto, Chairwoman of COFECE

WASHINGTON – The Mexican economy is concentrated in some markets, but not necessarily because of anticompetitive behavior, according to the top competition enforcer there. It… Read More

Simon Constantine, Policy Director for the UK Competition and Markets Authority

WASHINGTON – In the face of Brexit, competition law in the UK is undergoing massive change. “We are looking to scale up the size of… Read More

Mattan Meridor, Head of Antitrust at Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co

WASHINGTON – A novel history, featuring mostly government owned and operated industries, as well as the inflection of international politics has created a monopoly problem… Read More

Margarida Matos Rosa, president of the Portuguese Competition Authority

WASHINGTON – Access to a national database of public procurement data in Portugal is helping antitrust officials increase their enforcement efforts, according to Margarida Matos… Read More