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Spanish courts order truck makers to disclose information for damages claims

Four Spanish commercial courts have partially accepted requests for information disclosure filed by several claimants preparing damages suits stemming from a European truck cartel.  … Read More

Martin Janda – Head of Staff and Special Advisor to the Director General, Austrian Competition Authority

Martin Janda, Head of Staff and Special Advisor to the Director General at the Austrian competition authority, discusses the agency’s investigation into Amazon’s alleged abuse… Read More

Margarida Matos Rosa – President, Portuguese Competition Authority

Margarida Matos Rosa, President of the Portuguese competition authority, discusses the latest developments related to the transposition of the European Competition Network Directive, and the… Read More

UK Trucks CPO: Defendants challenge litigation funding agreements

Cartelists facing applications for collective proceeding orders by the British Road Haulage Association (RHA) and UK Trucks Claim Limited (UKTC) have told a London court today (4 June) that… Read More

Fasken Martineau DuMoulin

Employment, participation in governance decisions, capital expenditure, tendency to spur economic activity and presence in Canada are all key factors in the net benefit test… Read More

Dutch truck cartel claimants ordered to prove purchases

The Amsterdam District Court has ordered 10 claimants including litigation vehicles to show against which truck purchases they are basing cartel damages claims against five… Read More

German court rules no pass-on proof necessary in Daimler claim

An unnamed construction services firm in Germany is not required to demonstrate that overcharges caused by the EU truck cartel were not passed on to… Read More

Han Li Toh – Chief Executive, Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore

In PaRR’s Interview Series, Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore’s Chief Executive Han Li Toh provides a preview of some of the issues that were… Read More

Andrés Barreto González – Superintendent of Industry and Commerce, Colombia_

Colombia’s Superintendency of Industry and Commerce’s umbrella includes antitrust, data and consumer protection, creating a trifurcated challenge when looking at digital platforms like Facebook, according… Read More

Richard Powers – Deputy Assistant Attorney General, US Department of Justice

From the battlefields of Iraq to prosecuting the landmark LIBOR manipulation conspiracy, the US’s top criminal antitrust prosecutor, has spent his entire career to date… Read More