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German agency welcomes draft competition reform, highlights shortcomings

Germany’s competition agency has largely backed draft provisions of the 10th amendment of the country’s competition act, but at the same time underlined possible deficiencies… Read More

Scope of Japan’s new digital platform law likely confined to e-commerce giants — sources

The scope of Japan’s proposed Digital Platform Transparency Law is so narrow that it may only apply to the five largest e-commerce companies operating in… Read More

Google Shopping hearing sees advisory armies assemble in Luxembourg

The much-anticipated courtroom battle between Google and the European Commission (EC) in the Shopping antitrust case this week will see the EU General Court (EC) packed to capacity as… Read More

EU member states call for review of horizontal merger guidelines, new powers in merger control

France, Germany, Italy and Poland have called on the European Commission (EC) to revise its horizontal merger guidance and to clarify its plans to review… Read More

JFTC seeks more funds to tackle expanding digital economy role, official says

The Japan Fair Trade Commission has requested a budget of JPY 11.6bn (USD 106m) — the highest on record — for the coming fiscal year… Read More

ECJ outlines criteria for defining settlements in GSK pay-for-delay case

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has today (30 January) clarified criteria applicable to the characterisation of settlement agreements between a pharmaceutical patents holder and… Read More

Philippine agency chief signals impending raids cartel probes

The Philippine antitrust authority is poised to utilize its newly acquired dawn raid powers in existing investigations into possible cartels, its chairman told PaRR today (29 January). Read More

Senior EU official warns against substantive changes to bloc’s merger rules

Proposals to change the EU’s merger control rules that would apply contrasting legal standards to different parties would face significant challenges, said the new top… Read More

French court confirms legality of notary services dawn raids

The Paris Appeal Court has confirmed the legality of dawn raids conducted by the Autorité de la concurrence at the premises of a notaries’ association,… Read More

Asia Desk: Zhongbai/Yonghui shines a light on China’s national security review timeline

China’s national security review process has historically been opaque. But a recent bid by Yonghui Superstore to take control of competitor Zhongbai Holdings has given much needed clarity on… Read More