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EC, ex-FTC officials tout behavioural over structural remedies – ABA Spring Meeting

Antitrust enforcers should approach structural remedies with caution as they may not be proportionate, an official from the European Commission (EC), and former US enforcers,… Read More

FTC Commissioner says enforcement of nascent/future competition theory to increase – ABA Spring Meeting

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Commissioner Christine Wilson said today (23 April) that the agency will pursue more merger enforcement cases based on potential harms to… Read More

EC official says merger control flexible enough to account for COVID-19 market turbulence – Concurrences

The European Commission’s (EC) merger control rulebook is sufficiently flexible to allow the agency to account for substantive changes in market conditions such as those… Read More

EC COVID-19 state aid recap scheme proposes limits to M&A, repayment mechanism by 2023

The European Commission’s (EC) proposed amendment to its Temporary Framework (TF) to allow for recapitalisations of companies proposes limits on mergers and acquisitions and a… Read More

EC to issue guidelines to prevent COVID-19 foreign takeovers

The European Commission (EC) will issue guidelines to help member states screen foreign direct investment (FDI) to prevent foreign entities from taking over European companies… Read More

EC issues emergency guidance for COVID-19 with transport focus

The European Commission (EC) has issued (17 March) emergency guidance for requests for state aid due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses… Read More

Vestager says DG Comp shortlisting sectors for potential inquiry

The European Commission’s (EC) competition directorate is currently shortlisting sectors that will be suitable candidates for a potential inquiry, antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager said today… Read More

ECJ dismisses Marine Harvest EUR 20m gun-jumping fine appeal

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) today (4 March) dismissed an appeal by Marine Harvest (now Mowi) against a European Commission (EC) decision fining the firm EUR 20m… Read More

Hitachi Chemical/Showa Denko still being reviewed by Taiwan’s TFTC

Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission (TFTC) is still looking at the proposed acquisition of Hitachi Chemical [TYO:4217] by chemical engineering firm Showa Denko [TYO:4004], according to a TFTC spokesperson, although… Read More

China’s SAMR looks at complaints against Apple for abusing position in SEP licensing negotiations

China’s State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) has been looking at complaints against Apple Inc. for engaging in alleged anticompetitive conduct in patent licensing negotiations by abusing… Read More