FRAND or FOE? Patent enforcement and litigation in a global marketplace

25 September 2017 - 12:00 am UTC

We are pleased to share this special report on Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) and the growing risks associated with fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) licensing across the globe.  

The enforcement and litigation landscape in this space is experiencing drastic changes. Following China’s landmark Qualcomm decision in 2015, regional regulators have initiated “copycat” investigations with an ever broader scope. South Korea’s competition agency imposed even tougher penalties against the US tech giant. Antitrust enforcers in Taiwan and US began probing the chip-maker’s business model.

These actions threaten to have serious ramifications across the tech industry. Apple has launched billion dollar civil suits against Qualcomm in the US, the UK and China on the back of enhanced regulatory scrutiny and this “butterfly effect” is set to continue as disputed technology is deployed even wider by way of the Internet-of-Things.

PaRR believes a global perspective is needed to properly grasp the various risks presented by this shifting landscape. Our staff in Asia, Europe and the US provide forward-looking analysis and breaking news that allows lawyers, corporations, and investors to better identify future risks when it comes to policy changes, enforcement and litigation — allowing them to sidestep the potential pitfalls that lie ahead. In addition, our editorial team attends key court hearings and conferences across the globe to give readers insight into the thinking of government officials and emerging policy and legal trends.

Top Stories

FRAND or FOE? Patent enforcement and litigation in a global marketplace


  • China’s state council’s new IPR antitrust guidelines increase compliance challenges 
  • Apple v Qualcomm renews spotlight on 2015 NDRC resolution
  • South Korea’s Qualcomm sanctions open possible Pandora’s box
  • Avanci’s IoT patent pool to escape global antitrust scrutiny
  • UK seen as attractive FRAND litigation venue post UP/Huawei ruling
  • EC mulls negative declaration of SEPs in standards communication 


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