Spotlight on the International Competition Network 2018

21 March 2018 - 12:00 am UTC

Antitrust regulators gathered in New Delhi for the 17th annual gathering of the International Competition Network in Mar 2018. The key resounding themes discussed over the four-day ICN conference, which included the Pre-ICN gathering, centered on the digital economy, two-sided markets, vertical mergers, need for greater action against cartel conduct and importance of leniency programs.
This event report highlights the concerns of the competition regulators which existing antitrust laws might not be adequate to address the change in the economy. Some pointed to the need for co-ordination between different regulators as antitrust laws alone would not suffice.
Key topics include:
  • Agencies differ on importance of leniency policy based on own experience
  • Competition agencies say too many restrictions may jeopardize the online market space, competition
  • EC cooperates in half of complex cases
  • Antitrust law alone unable to take on all digital economy issues, India chair says
  • Global regulators push compliance benefits